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What Our Customer Say

Love the sword. Very well made. I’m not really going to do much with it - I cut a tree branch that needed to be cut, so it was useful for a minute. But it’s cool looking - solid. And good for home protection.
Nice Value, good for collection and if planing to use for a sword fight, they a very sharp so watch out!! Haha really nice swords.
My oldest son started to collect swords a couple of years ago and this one did not disappoint! Keep in mind you get what you pay for when purchasing things of this nature, nonetheless, this looks absolutely stunning displayed in his collection.
#Slim Shady
Way better than expected for the price! The weight feels very durable and I didn’t expect them to be sharp as they are.
This product took a little longer than expected for shipment because it came from China; however, when my son unveiled the katana, he said “that’s really nice”. Great quality and I would order from this company again.
Beautiful, perfection, and well-made. It is perfectly weighted for two handing and well balanced, and it is sharp to the touch. The fine detail on this katana was wonderous and makes you feel like a lot of love went into making it.
This such a beautiful sword durable very nice worth the money and great for collectors it's very sharp and clean thanks again satisfied customer
It's a good sword. Heavy, dense and great grip. Not sure the effectiveness of it as I haven't trade to slice anything but blade felt sharp enough. I'll probably get a sword sharpener but overall a good product
My son purchased this for himself, it arrived well packaged & in a timely fashion. He loves the Japanesse martial arts & their artistry. It's a beautiful katana!
#Moctar Thiam
This was amazing very well decorated and great quality especially for the price I’m very pleased with this product my boyfriend loved it
The swords and the stand make an absolutely beautiful display piece. They obviously aren't made for combat so they're not made with that kind of quality. They are made to be show pieces, They serve their purpose well and are stunning to behold. I would highly recommend these swords.
At first I was very skeptical. But once I opened it and checked it out completely....I have to say it's flawless. Seriously sharp to.
This is the great tanto and i promise if you buy it you really love it...just be careful about your fingers lol it's very very sharp
I bough this as a gift for a friend of mine, and he was very pleased. He bought a display stand and put it on the mantle over his television.
All boyfriend wanted was a samurai sword really looked into it details craftsmanship everything found the story got it for him he loves it!!!
My husband randomly purchased this item and when it came in I was not disappointed. In fact, I was impressed by the craftsmanship of this product and his decision to buy the swords. It is made well and is a neat novelty item for our house!
I love this katana, I wish it would have come with a holder I had to order that separate but if you love purple like me you will love this sword! It looks amazing once you put it up on a holder
I ordered this for my husband for Christmas. He forged his own knives so I knew he’d be picky. He was very pleased with the workmanship. Nice blade. Well worth the money.
My whole families loves seeing them and a great house decoration and their fun to carry around if you want to feel like a samurai
This is an amazing replica. Kill bill is one of my favorite movie of all time. This sword is well made and razor sharp. This sword look beautiful as well.
#Paul Sisk
Parcel received, everything is very well packed! Everything is smooth and good! Metal hasn't checked yet. The seller is well done! Answered all questions and helped with the choice.
The sword is legit, it can cut through a branch almost an inch and a half in diameter no problem. No damage to the blade at all.
I got the dragon katana for my birthday and it is very sharp and has a beautiful design. It not too heavy so you can easily wield it with one hand. It is a great sword for its price! I recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-cheap but high quality katana. I am very pleased.
#Keanu B.
Great entry level sword! Fittings were nice and tight. This is the second katana I have purchased and it is even better than the first!
#G Yagy
The quality is decent. Good for self defence if it is legal where you live. Just be careful, this could easily kill someone if you hit them to hard in the head with it.
#John H.
Best sword i got from here got it a year ago, nice and heavy, the damacus is beautiful, just an all out wonderful sword definitely recommend it
#Keith Allver
Very good value. Looks as described, sturdy construction and beautiful design. Overall, I am glad I bought this sword. Recommend.
I am so happy! To come home to package next to my door gave me pure joy and to unbox it and see just how beautiful it came out to be,I love it!
AWESOME!!! This is a really-real sword. It feels so sturdy and well made. I've bought a few swords and this one is by far the best.
#Xavier Gallegos
I was very pleased and surprised when I received this. The weight is perfect, great handle for gripping and it looks great. The detail is much better than the picture shows...I highly recommend this.

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